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planning your Italian Vacation

There are so many experiences to choose from in Italy! We can help you tailor fit your itinerary and prepare you for the best trip of your life. Be the ultimate tourist or escape the crowds. From the big and remarkable cities of Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice and Naples, to the rural countryside of Tuscany, Cinque Terre, or the Amalfi coast, we personalize your itinerary: from transportation to sight seeing to dining and cultural events. Some pre-trip language, food, history, and art lessons can also help you make the most of your trip.

cooking and food italia!

Get a group of friends together for the ultimate Italian food experience in your home. We will give you a truly amazing dining experience, complete with a hands-on cooking lesson, and shopping tips, table setting, dining etiquette, and a discussion of how food has been the foundation of Italian social and cultural experiences throughout history.

italian language lessons

Italian is a beautiful Romance language: a language of poetry, love and art, and these lessons will guide you through its richness. Whatever your reason for approaching the language might be, and whatever level you are at, this service provides individual and small group language lessons for children and adults. Business language lessons for companies and business people are also available and highly recommended.

Business Consulting Services

planning business related travels to italy

Maximize your B2B meetings with your Italian business partners and government officials, with some advanced planning and knowledge of Italy’s business culture and customs. We will give you practical ideas for formal and informal meetings, including basic communication tips and etiquette.Learn to make the most of your participation at trade shows, and find the best hotels, restaurants, and transportation for your business needs. Treat your employees and clients to some cultural experiences tailored to fit their interests and your budget/schedule.

optimizing Canadian/Italian Business Relationships

Giving your business a competitive edge with a deeper awareness of Italian culture and etiquette will optimize relationships with your Italian business counterparts. We will give you an overview of how Italy’s government and culture affect business practices, including history, customs, religion, geography, and daily routines. We will also help you with basics of communications and negotiation styles in the typical Italian business setting, making it easier for you to earn the respect and commitment your business deserves.